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Originally Posted by Mike View Post
In my years of whitetail hunting I have seen a lot of crazy things in the feild!
I don't think semi automatics for big game hunting is the right choice. When Jo Bob redneck goes to the feild with an SKS or any type there of. It to me makes a bad name for other hunters. I spent six years in the army as a ground troop so for those that might disagree; tread carefully in what you may say. I'm not saying you cann't have them; but you truly could be come a better marksman with a bolt action.
Last season I was on public land when a group of guys with a ton of fire power unleashed a broll of fire on a buck.I think they cut down more trees in the end. Later that day back at the parking area they had the buck. There was 14 holes in that deer....GIVE ME A BRACK! This is not the first time I have seen over gunning. All my deer have been taken with one shot one kill.
So agree or disagree with over gunning in the feild? I look at it like this my son and wife go to the feild last thing I want is for them to have to be duckn for cover; cause Jo Bob didn't taken the time to be a better marksman.
Let me ask you this one. I have a semi auto Benelli shotgun set up with a plug so it holds three rounds only and it's got a slug barrel on it. Does this come into your problem as well as a semi auto loading rifle?
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