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Talking Does & Bucks 1st Day out!

I finally went out now that the season allows either choice rather than last month doe first before buck. I prefer to have the option rather than to be forced on what to shoot.

I slept in for the morning, been beat all week just getting over bronchitis and it was real cold this morning (high 30's). Afternoon took a turn to warm up and the bug hit me to get out there and hunt!

Well, I was in the horse stall, one heck of an expensive blind! Got in and set up at 3PM. Tons of does all afternoon and evening but just a bit out of range.

Finally as twilight started coming in a bunch of does 20 yards away all bunched up. Then suddenly a 5 pointer showed up 15 yards away mingling with the does. He kept munching away with the does and finally presented a perfect board side shot!!!!!!

I let it walk. It was a spindly 5 pointer and I figured he would grow up and look better in 3 years. I thought real hard about taking him but my heart was not in it. I've seen some bigger bucks and I felt I just wanted to hold out.

Man, when I first started hunting he'd be down for sure! I must be getting old.................
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