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Default It is true

I know this wont rate with one of Rick's stories but I'll try.

I went into my spot this morning with hopes of tagging a doe and getting into work before noon. All was quiet until around 8 am when a nice gentleman decided to walk his dogs on the other side of the creek from me and scare every living thing into the state park that borders the properties. I figured I was done for the morning but decided to wait a little longer cause I didn't want to go to work.

At about 9:30 I heard something crossing the creek and saw horns. Now this treestand is on a steep hillside about 25 feet up. The whole time he was walking up the hill directly at me I figured he would spot me. My wind was good so I wasn't worried about that. I tried the whole don't make eye contact thing as best I could.

With him walking right at my I had no shot and he was taking his time. Just to make things worse he stopped and started rubbing on a sapling at about 20 yards from me. Again still no shot because he was facing directly at me.

This time allowed me to get my nerves under control and play the shot out in my head. When he decided to leave the tree alone and keep heading up hill I got ready. I drew when he had his head down and was just reaching the broadside shot. All that practice from a treestand this summer kicked in as the pin settled just below his spine due to the extreme angle and the arrow was away.

The luminok disappered and the telltale "thump" of the arrow told me I made a good shot. The deer swapped ends and ran back down hill and along the creek bed. Then it happened. No "crash"!

He just kept going...

I marked where I last saw him and turned to look at the glowing arrow sticking out of the ground. I could tell from 15 yards away it was covered in blood. This made no sense....

I waited about 20 minutes and climbed down. Good sign, lots of dark red blood, no fowl smell. The blood trail was good for about 30 yards then just torn up dirt. No way!!! I know I made a good shot!!!

I kept going in the direction I saw him go. Three steps, look through the binocs for any sign of him. Three more steps and look...

About 120 yards and there he was!!! The blood trail had long since disappeared. A few pictures and phone calls I had to find out what had happened with the blood trail.

Turns out since the arrow exited sow low, some fat plugged the whole and I had made a heart shot (pictures available if you like).

How'd I do Rick???
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