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Second Day – Late Nights and Hot Does

As some of you know, I’m a Coon Hunter. It was a nice night and shortly after the evening hunt yesterday, we turned the dogs loose. When the time rolled around to wake up for this morning’s hunt, I just couldn’t do it and when I did wake up, it was full light out. Just minutes before I woke up my dad had spotted a nice 8-point in our field. But what was odd was that he was with a Doe and he appeared to be stuck to her like glue, she must be in heat. Talk about very early, it’s only September.

Second Day Evening Hunt – Watching a Hunt From Afar

I got to my stand rather early and this time I made sure that m y release was tightly strapped on my wrist. It was quite dull for a while, but then a flash of movement caught my eye. Too small to be a deer I guessed, but it was something. 2 minutes later I see it, it’s a cat. A rather big cat, gray and white with a bob-tail. He goes about his merry way, never noticing me. Just then 2 squirrels break out into a fight and duke it out on the ground. That cat immediately goes into stock mode and makes his way towards them. He takes his time but then makes his move, and dashes for the pair. They narrowly escape and climb a tree. They sit up there just a barking and chewing this cat out! They were mad, but I would be too if someone tried to kill me! Lol That cat thought really hard about jumping up in that tree to get them, but then he circled around behind it and I lost sight of him. That was pretty much my evening, not nearly as heart racing as yesterday’s hunts.

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