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Default Laura's Bowhunting Diary

You've read and seen the Pictures of my Coon Hunting Topic, now join me in the Stand!
I've been at this bow hunting thing for a few years now, I have yet to ever release an arrow at a deer. I've promised myself that this will be my season to get a deer with the bow. So let the hunts begin.

Opening Day – Let it Begin With a Buck

Finally the first day of season arrived. My gear was all set to go and off to the stand I went. Before I went off though I asked my dad if he was going to try his luck the first day out, the answer was no. So alone I went. After making it to my stand I settled in and just 10-15 minutes later I had some action. The brush crackled just 30 yards straight away from me and I caught movement, it was a deer. Seconds later my eyes tell me it’s a buck. I clip on my release. As he swings his head I can see he’s missing his left side or if not missing, just not much more than a spike. Next I’m drawn to look at his right side. It seems very odd, and the best I can do to explain it would be ‘tree branch like’ not antler like. While light was still low, I could not make out a for sure guess on points. I didn’t plan to shoot this buck, yep I’m picky, so I sit and watch the show, but wow, my heart felt like it might jump out and nail him, as it was beating like crazy. He started out at 30 yards and because of the terrain it pushed him within 25 yards, and also my shooting range. So as he moves his way to my left I decide to move my bow into place incase he has a buddy. I have my bow in my left hand already and all I need to do is lift it to him. Well, I pull and the bow won’t move. Pull, Tug, Pull and still nothing. I glance down and notice the problem. Because the bow was sitting in my lap a lone string from my camo has wrapped around the cam of my bow. As quietly as I can I try to break it loose. Well, that didn’t work and the noise from it breaking went straight to the buck’s ears. But, while he looked my way, he never looked up. Yes, luck was on my side! After about 2 minutes the buck had disappeared into the swamp. I sat a while more, but nothing but the squirrels were stirring. My morning hunt came to a close.

Opening Day Evening Hunt – 10yard Shot Opportunity

This time my dad decided to hunt, I don’t think he expected me to see anything this morning and when I did, and it was a buck, well the hunter instincts came out. So off we both went. Upon me walking into my stand, I spooked 3 Does. Nuts, there goes my evening hunt! But I had hopes that they might get curious and come back. I quickly got into the stand and waited. I waited awhile and then I thought I heard the sound of foot falls behind me. I listen for a minute and yes definitely something coming. I strain to see and I finally catch movement. A very small fawn walks into view. I can hear another coming also, I clip my release….Oh-No! In my haste to get into my stand quickly and wait for those 3 Does to return, I had forgotten to tighten down my release! How Dumb could I be! I might have just blown my chance! I slowly start peeling the Velcro, but I just know I’ll get busted. Somehow I get it peeled back without the little one hearing it, but I didn’t clip it. The second had just walked into my view and it too was a small fawn. They were maybe 50# each. They crept closer and still no mother with them. I believe these 2 are on their own, as we’ve seen 2 small fawns alone on our place. I just can’t, and won’t, shoot one. The smaller of the 2 came over to 10 yards and smelled where I walked to my stand, it would have been an easy shot, broadside and still, but they get my pass. Really, I was surprised that they didn’t have spots. I really do want my first bow kill, but I just can’t shoot the little girl. They messed and fed around and let me watch them for 10 minutes or more until they both moved on. Called it a night shortly after this.

I'm Proof As To What Little Girls Are Made Of

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