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archery. I asked her how she felt about the shot. With moist eyes she said she wasn't sure, but it looked like she missed.

Missed?? No way!! Not with the leap I saw just then. And the way that deer acted! Hell no! No!

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah... I saw the shaft go under her by about 6 inches . I just missed." she said dejectedly.

I couldn't believe it. There was no way! "Let's go find the shaft."

You'll see. It'll be like it was dipped in red paint. You always think the worst.

We found the shaft, and it was covered... in dirt. "Well the blood picked up a bunch of dirt." I thought. Cheri picked it up and aside from the dirt, it was clean. No blood... just dirt.

"Wow! You got so close!"

"Yeah... but not close enough." she sighed with a shaky voice.

I looked at her and her eyes were filling up again. "Cheri... you've done something only a handful of women in the world can say they've done. You spot and stalked a mule deer, and you took your shot. Yeah it missed, but oh my God! Not by much! You've achieved your goal. You did it with nobody holding the bow or your hand. You should be doing back flips right now!"

She thought about that for a while, and before she could find a way to argue, I asked her if she was shaking like she was in Texas.

"Oh my God 10 times worse!" and she laughed a bit. I slapped her on the back... it's just something we do... don't break out the nails and hammer yet please... and then she was fine.

We had 6 more encounters on the way down, with only one resulting in a drawn bow, but because of the earlier miss, she didn't take the shot. Too bad too because that doe was a monster. I cheated a bit for Cheri on that one. I hit the hazards on the van as a distraction. The doe turned as Cheri got to within 30 yards and it leapt up the hill. Or so Cheri thought. She stealthily moved toward the spot the doe entered the trees and as Cheri squated down, the doe bolted further into the cover. Cheri looked irritated and I asked why as she came to the van.

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