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Day 2...

We slept like rocks. I'm sure at some point the alarm Cheri set went off, but I turned it off. The deer would have to come to us. Cheri seemed to be ok with the idea, and told me about a nightmare she had. It seems that she was in the middle of the area we sat the day before, and had no idea how to get back home. She was alone and scared to death. I asked her if she was afraid that would happen on this trip, and she sadly admitted she was.

I resolved to teach her what I learned a long time ago out here. We finally got out of bed and got our camo on, then drove for an hour and a half to the top of a huge mesa. We walked in for an hour or so, and sat on a log and listened to an Elk bugle.

I looked at her and said," Ok... get us out of here." I'm happy to report she did everything I taught her on the way up, and we came out of the thick aspen forest exactly where we entered. She felt empowered, and understood why I have all the things in my pack. We started back down the mesa, and she noticed three doe in a clearing. I hit the brakes, and she slipped to the back of the van to get her bow.

I estimated the largest doe to be about 40 yards out. I say estimated because the dang rangefinder was in my pack, which was also in the back of the van, but in the heat of the moment... we guessed.

I was bouncing back and forth from Cheri to the doe, with my heart in my throat. As I swept back to her she released, and my head tried to track the arrow, but all I saw was a grey and white butt in the air and kicking legs.

Oh my God she got the doe! "Did you hit her?" Of course she hit her! Deer don't jump like that unless an arrow blows through them you idiot!

Cheri looked worried as we watched the deer run off, then back at us again! As if realizing her mistake, the doe slammed on her brakes, turned a perfect 180... and bounded away again. Holy Crap!! She got her deer!!

Cheri looked sick, and she started to break a little. Let's just say she and Freddy have more in common that just

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