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Originally Posted by bear2 View Post
I have hunted Ontario for the past 9 years . I hunt the first week & have taken a bear each year including 2 P&Y my wife has also taken a bear each year 1 P&Y
& a couple of near misses on the P&Y front. We prefer the early week because many of the berries are not at full ripeness yet, that seems to happen Labor Day week. Which we hunted 2 years " not fun" the bears would walk past a bait & not even look over. Also the weather seems more stable early & once you get past the opening of grouse season unless you are very remote expect some activity from the bird hunters. Hope this helps just my thoughts.
bear2 where do you hunt in Ontario? I live in Ohio and have been trying to find a good place to drive to from here. Any help would be much appreciated. I wish they did a spring hunt in Ontario because my August 2009 is already booked on another antelope hunt in Colorado.
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