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For those that don't already know, I work for a major investment company. We work mainly in mutual funds, at least on my end of the business. We trade funds, we change investment allocations, we discuss retirement options... what have you.

The trouble with mutual funds, as opposed to other types of investments, and more to the point, the trouble with mutual funds in regards to my situation today, is that all trades are effective when the Stock Market closes. That would be 4 pm Eastern. Part of my job, when I take a trade request, is to inform my client that the change would become effective as of 4 pm Eastern. Any other day but today, I would not find a quarrel with this statement.

Today... saying 4 pm is like being in a crucible that is slowly tightening around my head. And the closer we get to 4 pm, the tighter that becomes. Granted, 4 pm Eastern is 2 pm my time. I still will have 2 and a half hours to go until I can dawn my civies, drop the tie, and head out. But still... 4 pm... its like nails on a chalkboard at this point.

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