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Yeah... I literally had no idea, but I thought that might be it. Lord knows I'm not afraid to ask the stupid question.

I need to find a cheap wench (.... I know.... how else am I gonna say it???) and a scale that will register 400 lbs. (again... refer to the previous parenthetical statement). I found a really good deal on jig, but of course funds are low... (I am perpetually cursed by right church, wrong pew) so I think I can make one. I found a chart that details the number of strands needed for any given draw weight...

I just didn't understand the 1/4# thing. I have a spool of Bohning serving thread I'm pretty happy with along with the bobbin. Just need a set of decent string splitters.

I like the numbers on that BCY. That was my primary target, but I looked at the Brownells too. Thanks guys!
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