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There is just no substitute for shooting the night before to shake out any missed foul ups. Tonight we shot Cheri's bow and I noticed a very slight tail out at 30, and a major one at 40.

How nice. One night before we are supposed to leave, and I see this! Well easily fixed. We dumped the straight fletched 2" blazers in favor of 4" vanes with a right helical. Problem solved.

We even got a prairie dog hunt in tonight just to see what's what. Ever hunt dogs with a bow? Well unless you can shoot 70 yards or more, forget it out here! The little buggers dove deep quick! I took a shot at one that was straddling his hole but I understimated the shot and missed by 2 yards. I did get a good giggle as his little butt suddenly inverted and he skeetered down his hole as the shaft hit the dirt. Man that was funny. We camped out about 40 yards away from two more for Cheri to get a shot in, but they wouldn't surface. She got bored and saw some sparrows that were raising cane about God knows what, so she centered the 50 yard pin in the middle of the group and let fly.

I laughed like crazy when the flew off, but then Cheri turned to me with her hand on her mouth. Turns out her arrow clipped the tail of one of them as it came in and sent feathers flying! I thought it was dirt. Oopps.

Well... what can you do. It flew off cursing her I'm sure. Earlier in the day I got bored so I got a hair cut. I'll never understand why I have hair in my ears. Little ones, but they are there. The gal that cut it took her neck shavers and tickled the heck out of me when she cut those little ones out. It makes no sense. I'm losing hair where I need it and getting hair where I don't???

Well... We have one more day. We're loading the van tonight, and then off to bed. Sure hope we can sleep. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day at work.
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