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It refers to the amount of string on the spool. 1/4 is a 1/4lbs spool and 1 is a 1lbs spool. It has nothing to do with the physical part of the string just how much you are buying. Itís like getting lunch meat at the deli, you buy it by the pound. Hope this helps. If you are buying string I would look at BCY 452+. That's all I use on my stuff, and all i use on other people too. It has very low to no creep if you prestrech it. It's very stable. it seems like there is a big intrest in 8125 again to gain speed. The down side to it is it will strech for a while. I also have good luck with 3D end servings nice small dia, which works well on cams with tight string groves. Center servings I like any of the BCY #62 servings.
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