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WE run a hog hunting operatation and I clean up to a hundred plus hogs a week in the busy season. I have seen every broadhead out there used and most work just fine while the cheap ones fail every time. If you are not shooting much weight a cut on contact broadhead is the way to go. I have seen pass throughs from a 30lb bow with a 21" draw shooting 85gr magnus stingers on hogs to 125lbs. If you have the horsepower dont be afraid to shoot the wide mech or fixed. My Elite z 28 shoots 305 fps with a 425gr arrow and will shoot through with most heads even when purposely shooting the shoulder with landsharks, hellrazors, slicktricks or montecs.

Keep them low and forward, dont shoot like a deer you will be too high or in the guts and they will live for days or heal up.
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