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Originally Posted by wyote View Post
When you say you went "up" to the grasslands I'm assuming your talking about PNG.
Yes sir. Pawnee National Grasslands.

Originally Posted by wyote View Post
There is some good hunting up there. I still go back there every 5 or 6 years to do some calling.
I'll say this much for it. There are more antelope out there per square inch than I have ever seen before. Oh and some HUGE rabbit! These things pop out as we are headed into our chosen area and scare the beJezuz out of me. Little fuzzy Mack trucks!

Originally Posted by wyote View Post
I called in my first coyote there back in 1970. It was loaded with coyotes.............

Is your E-call load enough to call in the wind?

I am told they are still up there. I think I'm just going too early. The hunger of fall and winter hasn't set in yet.

I believe the call is oud enough because the cattle keep coming in to investigate. Every now and again I'll even get one of the antelope to turn a head too. Plus my neighbor dogs freak out every time I tinker with it in the garage.

Where have you been??? We were about to form a western posse and go after you!
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