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Originally Posted by Va Hunter View Post
Best way to find dove is look on telephone lines. Plink 'em off with a 22. :}

Rick , find ya a farmer that's cutting hay or cutting down corn for sileage. Doves love this stuff. Quail's entirely different. You may be able to walk up a few, but a birddog's gonna keep ya from wearing out your boot soles.
I gotta be honest with ya... Not real fired up for Dove/Quail. No offense to those that are, mind you.

I do, however, find myself in an ever-increasing frenzy regarding Pheasant and Chukkar. As the season approaches, and my information about open land areas increases, my affinity for the pursuit of the Upland Bird grows exponentially. Through various conversations here with Adam, Encore, and reading of the unfortunate passing of Firediver's beloved Cheli... I find that my possibly idealistic desire to "train-up a bird dog" haunts the edge of every passing thought, including my less-than-frequent dream-states in early twilight.

Short of that, I am sure I can educate the fair Rebecca in the finer points of "Bust and Duck" as it were.

(How's that Monie?????)
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