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Default Coyote Hunting

So Tuesday marked my 5th trip up to the grasslands in search of a bushy tail.

This time I was packin my 3040 Krag, all the camo I could come up with, scent killer, my distress call, my Thermacell, and one new item for this adventure.

Cheri and I were over to the Gander Mountain recently, and we were looking at the electronic calls. Man they are somethin... Different variations of calls from rabbit distress to pups yelping to lost Yote calls looking for the pack. Cool! Until I looked at the prices! GOOD NIGHT!!! $120!! You are freakin kidding me right??? Sure they are high tech and all, and easy to use... Blah blah blah. But $120 to take an animal that doesn't even have a season here????? PLEASE!!!!

Well if you don't know my ways by now, here it is. I look at something long enough, and I'll figure out a way to make it myself. So I did just that. I started on EBay and found:

a 5" Public Address loudspeaker. $9.95 + $5.00 shipping.
75 feet of speaker wire at Walmart. $7.00
4 Johnny Stewart Predator Cassette tapes. $14.00 @ Gander Mountain
1 Old Panasonic Cassette player. EBay estate auction - $15.00 + $5.00 shipping.
4 "C" batteries from Big Lots - $5.00
2 rolls of Camo tape - $5.50 total at Gander.
Total Spent = $66.45

I taped the heck out of the speaker and the player so well that I had a hard time finding the speaker when I was moving from one spot to another.

I had all the equipment loaded into my pack and headed off for a Yote hunt with hopes of placing a few LDP's on here for all to see... but alas... I am still 0-fer.

The call worked really well! I was suprised how heavy it was after about 5 miles of walking, but overall I am pleased with the performance. I did manage to call in 4 black cows that were wandering the plains, and about 400 head of Antelope decided to check it out too. But no coyotes were spotted period. I noticed too that the usual big numbers of rabbit I have seen out there were not present either. Hmmm...

Well it was a different spot than I normally go to, but that is where we saw a big red and grey one run into last time we were up there.

Oh well. I'll be trying again when the snow falls.

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