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Pics from two nights worth.

Took Tanner and Sally. We cut loose in a Sweet Corn patch, and for some odd reason we didn't hit a thing. The dogs finally worked something in the woods a ways, but treed on some grapevines that were entwined in some thick briars. Not fun going through that junk to grab them!
Next drop and they worked something right away. Both were tracking very well on it. Then Sally tapped a tree and Tanner was right behind her. They had this one.
Called it a night.

Tanner and Teddy were the picks for tonights hunt. First cut they both acted like something was right there. Tanner found the track and worked it and slammed a tree. We started into her and after about 10-20 seconds she quit. ??? Minutes later she opens deeper in the woods and again trees. This time she is just chopping non stop! As we make our way to her we hear Teddy come treed, but it didn't sound like he was with her. As we make it up there Teddy is treed 10 yards from Tanner and he has a Den. No visisble Coon, but it could have been in the hole.
Tanner had her coon though, and she knew it!!

Next cut.
They again smell something right away and they work it down into the woods a bit. Teddy lays into a tree while Tanner is still tracking. Just as we get to the tree, Tanner comes in and decides to help Teddy tree this one. But, we had another Den. It looked like the tree would topple over at any minute. We had to call it a night after this.

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