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i'll be going up to the u.p. mich ,to bow hunt,warefowl,and grouse hunt but not until the first week in oct. from what i'd seen and heard there should be alot of grouse up there this year.pobably have to shoot a doe with the bow though, i already bought my licenses on line, should have read the rules first,because this year if you buy separate lic. you can only shoot one buck,so if i shoot one with the bow the gun lic. won't be any good!if you buy the combination lic. you can either shoot a doe or a buck with the bow,BUT the buck has to have 3 pts on one side,thats with the regular half of the lic. the other half is a restricted lic. which you can use bow hunting also,i forget but i think you can shoot a doe with that but the buck has to have 4 pts. on one side.if you use the combination lics. gun season you can shoot two bucks BUTone has to have 3pts. on one side the other buck has to have 4pts. on one side.if you buy a gun lic. you can shoot any buck with at least one antler 3'' in length.kinda confusing hey! encore
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