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You usually want to replace strings and cables as a set otherwise one may be stretched and the other isn't and they may cauase tiller/timing issues. Some serving wear is normal but if you can actually see the strands of the string it is in need of replacement/repair. Your pro shop should be able to re serve the end loop for you and it will be a heck of a lot cheaper than buying new string and cablesl. You might be able to sneak through the season and be ok, but it could break at the wrong time and blow a shot opportunity...or even worse injure you or damge your bow Just a suggestion though, if you do decide to replace them have the shop leave the string cables set up just the way they are. You can put them in a ziploc back with your peep/nock or loop/silencers all in place, that way if you do happen to break a string you've got a spare set ready to go that is already set up for you and your bow. I've never needed it but for the couple extra buck's you'll spend on peep/nock/silencers it's well worth having a spare all ready to go when it's the middle of the rut and there isn't a bow shop in sight ( or the shop doesn't stock your string!)!!
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