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We put the smack down this weekend. 36 geese hit the deck on Saturday. Syrus pulled off retrieves that even surprised ME and it looks like all the hard work I put into him this summer was worth it!

I've got to get pics from my buddy Chris and upload the ones from my camera that we got at the house but for now, these cell phone pics will have to do. I couldn't get any pics of Syrus in action though as it rained all morning and in the evening while it was nice, we were waist deep along the beaver dam in a swamp, both situations being bad news for good cameras! haha

"Knowing when to shoot and when to wait is one sign of maturity in a bowhunter. Be patient and pick your aim point carefully." ~ Randy Ulmer

"I suppose it's the way of hunters. We are very odd fellows." ~ Peter Hathaway Capstick
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