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Default Daughters 1st 3-D

Took my daughter out to day to her 1st 3-D shoot, she had a blast shooting with me and some of my 3-D buddies. She shot her new bow with the new pink strings I made for her. I was so surprised how well she did today. I expected her to lose a few arrows, but that was not the case, she hit foam every time. But to de honest, I did move her up from the steak to make sure that she was shooting with in her effective shooting range. At this stage of shooting for her it’s more important to make sure she is have fun, not to mention we did not submit our scores. We just went to have fun and spend time together. When I totaled up the scores they came out to “Total Quality Time”.
Like I mention in my signature take a kid out shooting it’s a worth wild investment!

FYI: If you do take your kid out shooting with you make sure that they don’t wear there new gym shoes, mom won’t be very happy with you when the new shoes come home dirty!!!
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(look at the left elk the yellow spot is her arrow)
Archery: a way of life.

Take a kid out shooting. Try 3-D, they love it.

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