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Found this at Deer and Deer Hunting on line:

"Is This The New Record Typical?

Regular Deer & Deer Hunting contributor Scott Bestul tracked down the story to one of the most incredible bucks we’ve seen in quite some time. The buck appears to be a mainframe 7x7 with some sticker points. The buck is living in the famed farmland of Buffalo County, Wis. According to Ted Marum, a respected whitetail outfitter, guide and big-buck hunter from that area, the buck had a 200-plus-inch rack a year before this video was shot. “He is jaw-dropping to say the least!” Marum reports. “One of my guides filmed this buck two years ago in the same spot and the footage was awesome, full daylight and only a 150 yards away. He was a 200-inch 6x5 at the time with a small fork on the top of his right G-2 and a small kicker off the side of the G-3 on the same side. His G-2s and G-3s were 15- to 16 inches long.”

For an exclusive look at video of this buck, check out this link.

Many thanks to Scott, Ted and Scott Kirkpatrick for giving us the insights into this incredible whitetail!"
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