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Good job encore. Just remember, that switch from a dummy to a live bird is HUGE. The real thing has smells, tastes, and a taste that no dummy is ever going to replicate.

A couple more things you might want to try is this. They have those Dokken dead fowl trainers that simulate birds, but I'd recommend getting one of the Avery ATB Mallards instead (same thing but the ATB promotes a better hold). That will get her used to the head bobbing around and the relative shape of a bird.

Then there are also some bumpers out there with a pheasant skin stretched over them. It might be wise to get one of those so she gets used to the feathers.

One thing I did, was I kept all kinds of dead birds in my freezer when Sy was a pup to practive with. I had doves, pigeons, crows, ducks, pheasants, and yes, even a goose! Though frozen, they still had the feathery feel, taste and smell of a fresh killed bird and I think really helped Sy with what to expect in the field. Next time your out, save a bird or 2, heck, even just the wings of a goose make a pretty interesting dummy for a young dog!
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