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YorkArcher as the other guys have said, Hunter Safety System makes a safety line called the "lifeline" that keeps you tied in the entire time you are climbing your tree. You only have to climb the first time to set it up. It attaches above your stand, then the rope runs all the way to the ground and gets tied off. The line has a knot called a prusic (spelling?) knot that allows you to connect your safety harness to the line and then slide the knot up and down the line while you ascend/descend from your stand. The cool thing is that if you happen to fall the knot locks in place on the safety line and keeps you from taking a dive. I highly recommend them! The only time I've ever fallen (not very far, only a couple feet) was when a screw in step pulled out of a big oak tree. Talk about a wake up call at O' dark thirty!
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