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Originally Posted by Va Hunter View Post
With the exception of the pink broadheads, I'm in the same boat where my younguns concerned. He's shooting 28 or 29 inch arrows compared to my 25.5" ones. Cool thing is his arrows shoot surprisingly well from my bow.
Look at the:
Mathews DXT IBO 322 FPS
draw from 24"-30" in 1/2" incerments
in 40,50,60,70 lbs
7" brace height
ATA 29 3/4"
Physical weight 3.75 lbs
This is a great little bow, It's what im taking in the woods this year. This is there top of the line hunting bow this year, this would not be like settling for a youth bow. My uncle has also got one too in a 26" draw and loves it.

Also you can look at the mathews:
Ignition 278fps @ 26"/50 lbs
6 1/2" BH, 31 3/8 ATA, 19" to 26" in 1/2" incerments
Youth bow


Mathews Prestige made for short draws that want speed.
322 FPS @29"
6" BH, 35 1/2 ATA 22-29" in 1/2" incerments
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