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I was out glassing a few years ago and stopped on the edge of a bean field next to a house that I know the relatives of the kid that lives there. It's mid june and fairly hot so I've got the windows up watching several deer. The next thing I know a jacked up pickup with 2 shirtless teenagers pull up next to me and start yelling to roll down the window. I roll it down and before I can say anything, one of the kid yells "what the F... are you doing?" I calmly reply "just looking at those deer" and I'm hit with the reply "well you know there's no f... hunting back there!" I told them, "it's june of course there's no hunting" with a smirk on my face Then both of them really start swearing and telling me to get the ****** off of our property! And I asked them if they infact owned the road I was parked on? That just pissed them off and they told me they didn't want to see me there ever again, then spun their tires in the gravel as they took off (and threw gravel all over my truck). I was pretty steamed but sat there for about 30 mins after the deer left the field just to piss them off (they were sitting in their yard watching the whole time) if I didn't have to be somewhere I would have sat there until the wee hours of the morning. The funny thing was, that they/their family doesn't even own the field the deer were in. They do own a piece next to it, and the member of the family that I know would have given me permission to hunt there if I wanted to. I just figured my stands may have gone "missing" once they knew it was me, so I just left it alone. Talk about over protective!!
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