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Hey that's awesome man! Glad to hear that!

Yeah just keep working her and working her. You might also do like Adam suggested:

Take one of your dead geese and train her with it, teach her how to grab it where the neck joins the body (on the body though, not the neck). It'll take a bit but she'll get it. Work from just having her sit and hold the goose in her mouth, to doing short (5') retreives, to doing longer and longer retrieves with it as she gets more comfortable. Get her all fired up too and maybe mix in retrieving the goose with retrieving her favorite bumper or toy so she gets the idea. Most of all, just be patient.

You might look for a stuffed animal version, add the wings and toss that around, then work into getting her on the real one. Work the heck out of that.

OH! I almost forgot! Deliver praise... not treats. I'm sure you already know/do that, but there might be someone reading this that doesn't, so...

Sounds like you're on a good path. Keep us posted on her progress, and I'll bet before you know it, she'll be one heck of a bird-dog.

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