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Originally Posted by Va Hunter View Post
With the exception of the pink broadheads, I'm in the same boat where my younguns concerned. He's shooting 28 or 29 inch arrows compared to my 25.5" ones. Cool thing is his arrows shoot surprisingly well from my bow.
Hmmmm... Robert... I've got a few for you to look at. This is close to the bow I shoot.

#1 is a Diamond Liberty.
Axle-To-Axle - 33 1/16"
IBO Speed - 305-313 fps
Brace Height - 7 5/8
Kinetic Energy - 76.16
Draw Length - 25-30
Draw Weights - 50, 60, 70
Adjustable Let-Off - 65-80%

#2 is a Diamond Rock
Axle-To-Axle - 31 9/16
IBO Speed - 310-318 fps
Brace Height - 7"
Kinetic Energy - 78.61
Draw Length - 25-30
Draw Weights - 60, 70
Adjustable Let-Off - 65-80%

These are retailing between $400 and $600 depending on where you look. I see left hand bows, but thus far I only see the 26" draw lengths on righties.

Now... at risk of alienating you... I am going to suggest the Parker Buckshot and the Diamond Edge.

They do not sport the speed these two do, and they max out at 50 lbs, but I will say this for Edge and the Parker bow my son shoots: They get the job done with seemingly little power.

Cheri shoots the Edge and it really is an AWESOME bow. She'll never shoot another bow, so she says.
Axle-To-Axle - 32 3/8
IBO Speed - 298 fps at 28"
Brace Height - 6 3/4
Kinetic Energy - 49.31
Draw Length - 18-28
Draw Weights - 29, 40, 50
Let-Off - 75%

I've seen it in action and it was something coupled with the Easton Axis arrows and those Eastman First Cuts... man. THWAK!! at 40 yards this looses a bit, but that's to be expected. We still saw great deep penetration with this combination.

Cale's bow is close to the Buckshot, but not quite the same. It's the Side kick. Based on his bow performance and shooting it a few times myself, I am impressed with it. His bow also was the only one to drop a hog out there in Texas, so I know it would do the job on a deer.

I also found this one, but I know very little about Martin Bows. Kevin (Great White Hunter) just sold one for his Diamond Black Ice that he loved.

It's a Martin Sabre. It's 25" to 30" and I only see righties, but I imagine that if you contacted Martin they would be able to help you out some.

That's all I got.
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