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Great pics of the geese! Ya'll gonna eat good.

My brotherinlaw hunts with a guy who decided to get some pheasants on day down in Ga at one of their preserves. His Shorthair wouldn't have anything to do with them once they were on the ground. Neither would my B-I-Ls dogs. They'd point the pheasants just fine! They discussed this with the guy who owns the place(who just so happens to train and sell some fine birddogs). He told them that thier dogs wee intimidated with the size of the pheasant versus the quail they were used to.

On one of the bird hunting shows a while back, a lady that had a fantastic duck dog was having the same problem as you with geese. They devoted the next show to the show host working with her, her dog and geese. They had to start back at the basics. Heel the dog and throw a dead goose a short distance. Over and over and over. He finally got it and was retreiving like a champ.
He took me!
Thanks Dad.
Wish you were here.

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