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Congrats adam!

I had to work this morning but the rest of my crew was out.. i guess they came in about 50 yards away and hovered over the decoys in an open field where they had trouble judging the distance past the decoys.. they got 3 and all of them were banded.. we're struggling this year.. last year we had 40 by this time and ended the season at a little over 150.. and bullmoose is right, snow goose season was one to remember for us.. if you check my myspace page, i have some pictures posted.. we ended up with somewhere around 450 to 500 snows in close to a month.. anyways.. back to what is important at this time.. the pictures should be in my e-mail from what i'm told by tomorrow with the bands.. all i have right now is a crappy cell phone picture that i can't get onto my computer for some dumb reason.. but in all not bad so far for the amount of birds leaving our lake and heading to a private horse pasture that is pretty much untouchable, we didn't do that bad having 9 geese and 6 of them with bands on them.. we're lucky on the band end of it, not soo much on the numbers end..

happy and safe hunting to everyone
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