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Default Bow drawlengths

Gotta question on drawlengths...

Just about every bow I look at has 28-30 inch draw lengths. Even the ones in all the magazines I get. Lord help ya if you even think about a lefty bow!

Anyhoo, are these the only drawlengths these bows come in? I know I'm not the only person out here with short arms! Do ya have to buy the bow, send it back to the factory and have them make it the right length? Can ya buy replace the cams?

A guy at one of our local shops handed me a childs bow the other nite and said "This should fit ya!'' I got kind hot, pretty quick, which ain't me. He just pushed the right button at the wrong time. I clamped my mouth shut and left before something got said that would get me banned.

On my Reflex you can change the lenghts by removing a screw and twisting this little cam thingy. I have to say my bow's not exactly high end and at sometime I'm gonna wanna upgrade, but the higher end bows don't have this setup..thus the original question.

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