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We had a pretty decent first day, if we'd of stayed another half an hour, be probably could've broke 30 as we had a couple flocks come over as we picked up, but we started off the season with 21 birds.

This pic is from my cell phone, I didn't take any with the digital as I had a friend who did and I can get pics from him.

I almost got beaned by one! We had a big flock come in, and when the shot was called I had 3 birds right in front of me about 30' up. I sat up and crushed one just as the other 2 crumpled and I swung to the left looking for another target. I was sitting between brothers Chris and Steve with Steve to my right, when Chris goes "ADAM, STEVE LOOK OUT!" Out of my peripheral vision I saw the bird I shot streaked right at us, I quickly leaned to the left and it landed right between Steve and I! That was CLOSE!! There was only about 4' between our blinds and when the shooting stopped Steve and I and our blinds were both sprayed with blood from the encounter. GOD I love hunting waterfowl! haha

After them again tonight!
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