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Do you have good, strong traps? 4-coiled #2's (at least) with a lot of trash clearance, and springs that come up high are about as close to a "must" as there is for coyotes. The buggers are just plain strong and have no qualms about completely destroying your trap.

Other "musts" (at least to me) is to have three swivels on the chain so it's less likely to bind up and cable stakes (the bullet head style). You need to cross stake rebar, and long rebar at that, to hold yotes and with a cable stake, I can use just one about 12-18" long and hold them no problem.

These traps will work for foxes and not tear them up much either. If you don't have solid traps, coyotes will just frustrate you to no end because most of the time, even if you connect, all you're going to have is a catch circle and a destroyed trap.

If you've got, or if you get that, you're ready to TRY and trap yotes! haha
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