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Originally Posted by ACM_Gary View Post
Oh Lord, now I have Monie and Vicki mad at me! Monie I just want you to know that by calling me the "Administrator" you've taken away all me individuality and replaced my personality with a label, that really hurt As for Vicki, I've worked with her long enough that I've built my emotional walls so her abuse doesn't affect me anymore.

Life unwinds like a cheap sweater, since I gave up hope I feel a lot better (dang I wish I had more smilies here because I could really use one more LOL)

<<<<<<<<<Mark end of dripping sarcasm>>>>>>>>>

really guys I'm sorry I haven't gotten to it yet, season ends this sunday and you'll be seeing some of these changes taking affect towards the end of next week.

Thanks for your patience

"The Administrator" aka G

I can only imagine the kind fo smiley you'd like to use! lol

Sorry, I do have those days where dry humor abounds. lol
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