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Originally Posted by farmcntry View Post
I was climbing into a homemade stand at 8:00am. (Moved from my climber because a house dog was at my tree barking up a storm for 2hrs straight.)

Dropped my bow. Went down, got it, back up. Dropped my quiver.
Down, back up.
Grunted and a 7 pointer popped up right beside me. Shot him.
He just stood there.
Thought I missed and when trying to re-nock he busted me.
Ran 15yds and fell over dead as a hammer.

Climbed down, left bow in stand. Back up and back down.

Looked behind me and saw a monster 10 pointer about 20yds away (in NC you can take 2 per day so I could have took him as well.)
Turned to draw, he took off.

LOL Great story.
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