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Question Think About This?

Ok if you have seen my post with the trail cam elk pic's, then you will know what two bulls I am talking about, if you have not seen it then click below. lbumId=1uXYxRKKm4RB6aoTn6oihKhROQhtmrcOEojnrjiQoV2 JJdNX5w59hg%3D%3D&backgroundUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fpictu hoo%2F%2Fbackgrounds%2Ftiles%2Fbg05.jpg&noLogo=tru e

BULL A: The big bull 6x7
BULL B: The smaller bull 5x6

Here is the deal, you are in Northwest NM, it early-Sept. you have an archery elk tag, and from scouting you know that both bulls are in the near area.
It's the 3rd day of the hunt and you have 3 days left. You have been hunting hard, but the bulls are just not into the rut yet and things have been real quite, so this evening you set up over what looks like a well used elk trail. About 40 minutes before dark you finally see your first sign of elk, the 5x6 is coming down the trail, and in about half a minute until he will pass right by you at about 34yards!! Now you have to decide if you are going to try to stop this bull for a shot! or wait and hope for the big bull
So what would you do???

Now Remember This Question is, What Would YOU Do?
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