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medium - large. the first one, without a mass estimate, looks around maybe 70? guessing the width at 18-20. 15 on the mains, 6 on the 2's, and maybe 4 on the brow tines. 20+15+15+6+6+4+4= 70.

the one that looks like it is still invelvet is hard to say. BUT, does like there is a chance that he may split the mains again. and even the 2's look(?)like they may do the same. from the angle, doesn't look like he has the spread like the first, but as I said, hard to tell with the angle. mass looks good.

OOOPPSS!!! missed that little point on the left side. add another inch or two, but then subtract for being a non typical. hey, I don't make the rules.
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