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Default Stalking hogs

It was great, i stalked these guys until i was litterally less than 20 yds. I was shaking, i just knew they'd come running to me, let me rephrase that...with my luck , i knew they were going to run towards me, but i was willing to sacrifice myself for y'all to be able to see this too, lol.....luckily , they ran the other way, lol....wish it was hunting season now...turn the volume down, i squealed to get their attention and it doesn't sound very good,'s a link to it.As i grunted at the end of the video, i had no clue that the brown boar was right next to me , he started coming out, i freaked, lol....wish that was on film, lol.....

and here's the pics

Happy Huntin' to all
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