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Went out hunting coyotes this morning for a few hours.the first place I went I walked in snow up to my knees for a 3/4 of a mile and it was windy and -15 got set up and when the wind would calm down I could here something it was some else calling coyotes in the area

So I went back to the truck after trying for 20 min and decided to find a new spot.I came across a sweet spot to set up on.I sat along a little bush line and called for about 15min and glassing around and about 500yards a coyote was sittng looking my direction,I couldn't get him to come in any closer.He looked my direction for about 10min then diappeared and never saw anything else that morning.I most have gotten busted right of the bat for him not to come in.I'm going to get up early friday and give it a try again.
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