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I see a couple of you are from Ohio. I am from Springfield. My wife and I leave tomorrow morning for Armstrong, Ontario. Our best two bears are 280 and 321 lbs. We stay at a remote camp set up just for the 6 week bear hunt. They use canvas wall tents with wood floors . Generator for lights and fridge . Full size stove and wood burner for cool mornings . Very large hunting area so bears get a chance to grow big . The area below and above where we hunt is only fly-in accessible and no hunting done there . Year before last 45 % of the bears taken would qualify for P & Y. My wife teaches school so we will only have 3 days to hunt . Very well ran camp and only have 8 to 12 per week. They turn people down every year so we rebook when we leave . Nothing like hunting black bears with a bow . Good Luck !!
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