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Originally Posted by TLC View Post
BD, I drive all the way there. beautiful drive on the way there. not really, but do have some interesting spots to look at on the way back. also, if you remember an email going around about ted turner and jane fonda at a montana restaurant, I stopped at it last year and got the true story. anyways, also afraid the airlines will lose my bow and that would definately screw up the hunt. not sure that they have a brochure, and their website doesn't tell you much. but maybe they can put something together for you.

first night of the hunt last year, was sitting in my stand. saw my first bear at about 5. nice black/brown combo color. didn't come in but had the video camera on and the bow in hand in about 2 seconds. finally relaxed and had a beautiful chocolate show up around 7:30. excitement built until I saw the 2 cubs(1 year olds, not newborns). anyway, she chased them up a tree and then proceeded to do a war dance at the bait site. had her lined up 4 times, but between the darkness and her having cubs, wasn't sure if I should take the shot or not. didn't and got caught in the stand until after dark. not good!!! then all of a sudden she takes off like she's been shot. next thing I know, I see a light coming down the trail from the road. it's my guide wanting to know what I'm doing. can't repeat the words that I said, but told him he was standing in between a sow and her cubs. needless to say, made it up to the road in record time. took me 20 minutes to get my normal breathing back.
I checked out the website and boy is that one a remote hunt. It be a very cool hunt and adventure. Thats a fur piece of driving my friend. I had my bow lost by Air Canada and it did come in late going to a Canadian bear hunt. It did come in the next morning just before I had to make my next leg of the trip north to La Ronge. Poor attendant for the AIR C - it wasn't his fault but I knew he could be sure it was on the next flight the next morning.

I watched bear cubs last June take over my bait site twice. Mother had to be around but she never showed herself. It was during the rut and I bet she sent her two cubs down to the mall to be fed and baby sat by me while she played with her new daddy. All the while I hoped daddy was coming down the hill for his din-din. I saw other bears but no good shot opps and the one did I couldn't make myself shoot 125# chocolate bear that trip. Didin't seem right. I have watched to many Bear 'n Down dvd so I now can size a bear pretty close.

Maybe I'll get to go bear hunting next season - who knows but right now it does not look like it's in the stars for me.

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