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Depending on your KE, we found that the beloved slick-tricks were not as effective when released from a less powerful bow. Tricks are without a doubt an awesome broadhead, don't get me wrong. I've heard stories of them being shot into a gun safe wall. (No... it wasn't me)

What we learned when we went to Texas to hunt hogs, was that a good, cut-on-contact head will do the trick no matter what. My son shot a raccoon with a Slick Trick, but dropped his hog with a HellRazor. Both were clean kills with a 38 lbs bow.

My wife shot a few hogs while we were down there, but the best results we saw came when she shot the cut-on-contact Eastman Gametracker broadhead. She had the wrong shafts in the first place, and that was my fault, but the heads were all wrong for her set up too.

I would say that if you have a bow that shoots fast and you are getting good KE from the arrows and the bow, well then use either. I am sticking with a cut-on-contact broadhead from here on out though.

Feral Hogs, unlike deer, are CONSTANTLY on the move. Kevin will agree with me here: It's not unusal to draw a few times, then come back down. They don't stop out of curiousity when you grunt at them to see what that was. Generally, they will bolt. They may present a good shot opportunity for half a second and then take it away just as quickly. When you shoot, you want to make sure your hit is as solid as you can make it.

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