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Default Ontario extends duck season

Southern District:

Ducks - Sept. 27th to Jan. 11th (black ducks close on Dec. 20th)
Geese - early season: Sept. 4th to 14th
Geese - regular season: Sept. 27 to Dec. 31st
Geese - late season (only where there is no sunday hunting) Feb. 28 to Mar. 7th

(limits are the same except geese - 10 in the early/late season and some other small print for certain wmu's)


Ducks - Sept. 20th to Jan. 4th (black ducks close on Dec. 20th)
Geese - Sept. 2nd to Dec. 17th

northern district:

Ducks: Sept. 10th to Dec. 25th (black ducks close on Dec. 15th)
Geese: Sept. 1st to Dec. 16th
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