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Here's a pic of a Bluetick from last night. That's Sally in the back too. I girl I know was in the area for a big Youth event so she dropped by with her dad and we took the dogs for a couple rounds.

The first drop it Poured rain! Couldn't hear a darn thing, but thought we could hear her dog, Prancer. Well it finally let up and soon Sally opened and then treed. Prancer was also in the same spot. Tanner, I had her along and well, she just came out of heat and hasn't been out for sometime... Anyway, We got to them and I caught Tanner and Sally and Prancer would not show a tree and left. Well I'm standing there with Tanner and she smells up this tiny little sapling. Whatever. 5-10 minutes goes by and Sally comes in and we catch her. She smells up this sapling too and starts treeing. 10 feet up and YEP, a Kitten coon!! Prancer came in so we caught him and moved on.

Next drop, they hit a hot one!! Prancer struck first and they got it moved not too far in the woods and treed it.

Then the 3rd drop.....Dogs went in and struck real good. I thought they were going to lock down on tree, but no. They moved back behind us and crossed the road and tracked and again it sounded like they were going to tree. Tanner never went with them, she came running up the road, not good, so I put her in the box. Well they boo hoo'd that tracked and it blew into nothing. We walked in and seen Prancer swimming a pond, finally caught him. Then Sally was gone and went and got treed deep with a mother and Kitten.
Wasn't the best of hunting last night I'll say.
Got more pics, just need to upload.......

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