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We have a whole pack of them running around our neighborhood. I have mixed feelings on them. On the one hand, they are cool to listen to at night when they have a track going, and they are eating up those noisy, little, yip-yipping lap (kicking) dogs that my pretentious, airhead, empty-nester, neighbors refuse to take in at night because, and I quote here, "Mommy's Pookums is allowed to run in hers own yard, isn't shee awww?" (Gagging as I type) So I see them more as community services really.

Yet on the other hand, I have to listen to aforementioned idiot "Mommy" screaming out of her back door at 11:30 pm for Pookums VII to return to her "Mommy's" ever awaiting, co-dependant, empty arms for 20 minutes, until it finally enters her myopic universe that Pookums may have become a blue plate special to go at the Parker Backyard Diner.

(Deep breath) So... in closing, I like the pelts and I'd plunk one in a heartbeat given the opportunity.
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