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I always carry a butane lighter, a couple of paper towels or moist towlettes(baby wipes) and some toilet paper sealed in 2 zip lock bags.I usually include a pair of latex gloves or some of those yellow Playtex ones.

Ya just never know what may strike ya while in the field. If ya gotta trail a deer and the blood gets kinda spotty, you can use the TP to mark the last spot of blood. If ya gotta go...well, ya'lls old enough to understand that part. The gloves are to be used to keep blood and stuff off ya while field dressing. Roll them right off your hands and they'll turn inside out, containing all the goo. Wipe off any extra with the towels. All the used stuff goes right back in one of the bags and is sealed and returned to your pack for later disposal. Thougth I've never had to do it, one of these days I might have to spend the night in the woods. Gets kinda cold around here, sometime. The lighter can get your fire started quicker and easier than matches.
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