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years ago i had a walker that was as means as they come ... REX... this dog would rip your arm off if given a chance... i used to have to use a stick to push his food to him... that is true ..i could not get close enough to feed him..i bet your thinking why i would have or keep a hound like that...well let me tell you ... this dog was not a people person ..unless you had a rifle in your hand .. no rifle couldn`t get close to him .. with a rifle in your hand he turned into your best friend and as playful as a kitten.. he was the best coon hound i have ever seen..

When we took him hunting i used to get me rifle ..then i could walk right to him let him loose .. he would jump and want to play like he was your nomal house pet.. set him on a coon and he would never give up till he had him tree or caught..,, after a night or day of hunting take him home pen him up.. go to feed him and loose an arm if not carful... i loved that dog .. reminded me of myself ..
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