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Hey thanks everybody! VA I'm sure gonna try. York I stopped by but the lights were all off... so rather than disturbing your estemed repose, I just turned around and went to Indiana. Monie... same thing at your place. I just headed back home.

Nate we are extremely excited to meet you and preacher. Glad to hear Herc is back home and doing better.

We are still in Parker... but not for long. Cheri has to get her allergy meds an then we're out of here! Next post is from Amarillo, TX.

Thanks again to everyone that has been following this saga. You all are great and we are very lucky to have had your help and guidance along the way.

I decided last night that we would not bring a laptop, but we do have my cell phone so updates will be sorta condensed due to the limited characters allowed. (Thank God for small favors ... I know.)
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