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Default One day and a wake up...

Well... here we go!

They day started off with a phone call from Cheri's boss. Moron couldn't find his butt with a GPS locator and all of Cooner's dogs. So we got up and started packing.

Cale is bouncing off the walls. I've known this kid for 4 years now, and I have NEVER seen him more excited and animated about anything. Cheri got things started in the house by laying out her stuff and gathering our camo gear. Cale and I removed everything that didn't absolutely need to be in the van. Then he vaccuumed the whole thing out and I got to packin it up.

We left the bows out so we can do some more low-light shooting with them later on tonight. Kevin introduced me to something called a Hawg-lite. This is an interesting tool that slips in where the stabilizer connects to the riser. Well... the muse struck me last night... and off to Lowe's we went. I found all the parts to make one, so I made three of them. Man they are cool looking too. Beats the heck out of the electrical tape and flash lights we were trying Sunday night. Here are the things I used and the final product. Kinda proud of it actually.

So... all we really need to do now is pack some clothes, which is almost done, and watch the minutes tick by.
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