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I love my lacrosse boots, I also have a set of danners they are actually sister companies. The danners are very comfortable and well built but my complaints are that the hooks on the upper part of the boot are not big enough, the laces slip off of them real easily. The only way to keep them from coming off is to lace them so tight that my feet get numb! The other complaint is that they do not have a loop on the upper back part of the boot to make pulling them on easier. I have big feet and that helps a bunch when putting them on and I notice it when it's not there. I know these are pretty trivial but on a boot that you are going to use a lot, it makes a difference. I wore them on 1 moose hunt and now they stay in the closet. I've had several pairs of Lacrosse and absolutely love them, I've got hikers, rubbers, and pacs. I would try both companies and see which you like best!....good luck!
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